Why USA Support Tamil Terrorist LTTE? The Break-up of India!

Apr 21st, 2009

What are the reasons behind the USA to support Tamil Terrorist LTTE and their interest to save the skins of the LTTE leaders?

For almost 30 years, it is regrettably assumed that USA “Used the Monkey’s Paw” meaning the Norwegians, a NATO ally, to fry the hot nuts in the fire, frying the innocent Sinhala with LTTE bullets and explosions. Both financial and military support were delivered to the LTTE Terrorists using many gateways in Europe, Asia and Americas.

Without such advanced Western assistance, the Tamil Tiger Terrorists would never have reached such a powerful position both financially and militarily. The likes of Ranil Wickremasinghe and his cohorts, would not have had the spine to filter so much support to the LTTE Terrorists, without a tacit acknowledgement from UK, USA and other Western States.

History confirms that USA suffered public humiliation and a loss of young American lives when the mighty USA military were kicked out of Vietnam by the Viet Cong.

Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda who were fed and clothed by the USA military to teach the Soviets a lesson, doubled-back and blew-up the WTC Towers and took over 3000 American lives, right on American soil. The American Intelligence were inept and totally out of touch when the assault was planned. Moreover, the Al Qaeda terrorists or should they be addressed as “Rebels” received most of their flying training in the USA.

Similarly, it was USA which backed Shah of Iran with the state-of-the-art military hardware, the best passenger planes for national carrier, until the regime changed which brought the Ayatollahs into power. USA was humiliated with the take over of the US Embassy with American citizens by the Iranian Rebels, and of course the then President Jimmy Carter vigourously responded by stating that the Christmas Tree in the White House will not be lit!

The efforts to rescue the American citizens looked like a Peter Sellars comedy with helicopters crashing with fine sand in the bearings of the rotor blades etc. So much for fine strategic planning.

Despite a complete blockade by USA, Fidel Castro and Cuba survived for over half a century to witnessed a half a dozen American Presidents come and go. This goes to demonstrate that the Americans have little or no empathy in global politics. USA tries repeatedly, despite failure, to use their big military and financial boots to dominate the world. And then the global financial system crashed in 2008, with the likes of Bernie Madoff, himself a Jew, bolted with over 50 billion dollars of largely American Jewish moolah, and bringing down the entire world economic machine.

Hopefully, “Change. Yes We Can” has come and will take a different stance in global politics. Funnily enough, a Black man to lead the mighty American mess into sunshine! Looks like a Black Moses leading the congregation into Promised Land.

Ironic, isn’t it? There were doubts ten years ago if Tiger Woods would be allowed to receive the Green Jacket!

One question which arises, when one asks why USA is promoting LTTE Terrorism! Are the American CIA trying to create a “force to be reckoned with” within the Federal India to create a balance if India got too close to Russia? Or if India got bigger Nuclear boots?

Hell! Now USA is now playing with fire! Remember the old Rhyme????? Uncle Sam sat on a very High Wall and Uncle Sam has had a Great global Fall. And unless Change Does Change, “All Barack’s Horses and All Barack’s Men (Hillary Clinton included) will not put Uncle Sam together Again!”

Remember, India is neither Afghanistan, Iraq nor Vietnam. India has a surplus of human intelligence. Diversed ethic population. A strong military. Good leadership. If USA cannot beat Al Qaeda, India will stand it ground politically. The only way is to create dissent within India, using the Tamil Terrorist leadership within Tamil Nadu! Get the drift?

To some large extent, India was almost a Colony within Soviet Union, and only recently gave a “nod & a wink” to Americans just to keep Pakistan and China at bay. However with pround determined India growing its own independent financial clout and political muscle, will never be subservient to USA. Therefore, the LTTE Terrorism developed inside Tamil Nadu, could be one way inwards to keep the Indians on their toes. And maintain a military balance by feeding the Tamil Terrorists with what they want as well as developing military assistance to the Central Government. Keep the American defence industry alive!

If the fully trained LTTE Terrorist hardcore leadership is salvaged and re-planted in Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand to start a struggle within India, demand for Tamil Nadu independence, then Erik Solheim with the direct support of the Norwegian government and NATO-USA, will have a new opportunity to engage.

Unlike in Sri Lanka, Tamil Nadu is a boiling hot-pot waiting to heed a cry for Independent Statehood, with tried and tested leadership. Within Tamil Nadu, there are no other ethnic diverse groups to stand against a demand for cessation of Tamil Nadu from Federal India, except the Delhi leadership. To fight a 70 million population to prevent the break-up of the Federation with several other States demanding similar concessions simultaneously, will certainly defeat the Indian military. Then USA could intervene to develop their own political gateways within the Independent States of India!

And President Mahinda Rajapaksa might offer the consultancy services of General Sarath Fonseka to advice the Indian Military and RAW on how to develop and deploy a meaningful strategy!

Most likely, the Master Plan Cuppa Tea for the break-up of India with the support of LTTE Tamil Terrorists within Tamil Nadu is now brewing within Pentagon.

Prof. Hudson McLean
source: Lankaweb

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  1. Nice imagination..Fit enough for a hollwood action flick…

  2. I am a Sri Lankan Tamil of Indian origin, born and brought up in Sri Lanka, now live in U.K. When George Bush and Tony Blair bombarded Iraq on false information about WMD (Weapons of Mass destruction), they killed thousands of innocent civilians including children and women. When UN Security Council surveyors arrived at the war site for post war inspection to detect WMD, no trace of WMD found. Bush and Blair never went to prison for killing innocent people due to their wrong pre concept. When Israel bombed Hamas, not a dog from world media allowed to the fighting zone. Israel accomplished their war plan and then pulled out, despite crocodile tears shed by western politicians. Same standards practied in Afghanistan. There is double standard for western war mongers and our ‘just war’ to eliminate this deadly LTTE terror group, depressed this beautiful tiny island for years and untold suffering to poor Tamil people of North and East.
    I believe that the final war operation has to be conducted in surgical precision to destroy LTTE’s war machinery. My deepest sympathy for those innocent Tamils held as hostages and human shield to protect LTTE. Brig. Nanayakkara has to plan and attack targets with surgical precision to end this bloody war. Thanks to, Prof. De Silva’s for his useful Satellite information. Keep up your good work and free Sri Lanka from terror.
    We never get another opportunity to dismantle LTTE war machinery. I am sure Karuna realised this at the end. Hon. Rajapakse’s prime responsibility is for the people of North and East. Which he is doing splendidly under huge pressure given by western politicians, who practice double standards. All peace loving Tamils of the world are with you Hon. Rajapakse.

  3. Guess Hudson McLean is living in planet Earth !!!

  4. I am just sick and tired of west’s double standard. I wonder if Canada, UK and rest of the Europe will allow Al-Queda/Hamas supporters to carry their flags and pictures of Bin-Laden around and block highways and other places. There surely is something more than we see happening or happend regarding terrorists LTTE and the west.

    Only time will tell.

  5. ” I am just sick and tired of west’s double standard. I wonder if Canada, UK and rest of the Europe will allow Al-Queda/Hamas supporters to carry their flags and pictures of Bin-Laden around and block highways and other places. There surely is something more than we see happening or happend regarding terrorists LTTE and the west.

    Only time will tell. ”

    You can not group Al-Qaeda and Hamas with the LTTE. LTTE fights under that flag, its the Eelam flag, it represents the tamils of Sri-lanka. It is anything but a terrorist flag. So surely it is allowed, however the supporters of the religiously fanatical Al-Qaeda and Hamas flying their flags will probably exempt from this exception due to it being it’s own seperate flag. I hope that makes some sense ?

  6. I am indian. From south. The above article describes around 85% true. The region of north lanka is competition between western,india, china. For their statergic view.but the people who were staying over there are in trouble. They didn’t care about those people.

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