Wanni Operation Video Footages


Army Ceremonially Silences their Guns

Army Silences their Guns

Sri Lanka Army Marks the Formal End of the Brutal War

End of the Brutal War Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Naval Troops in Mullaitivu Sea Celebrate the Victory

SL Naval Celebrate the Victory

Wanni Operation video

Wanni Operation 07/02/09

Capture of Paranthan video

Capture of Paranthan, Wanni

paranthan attack video

Paranthan Attack, Wanni

Capture of Pooneryn video

Capture of Pooneryn 15 Nov 2008

wanni operation 7th Oct 08 video

7th Oct 08 Kilinochchi

01Km of Karuppukulum

Sl Army Near Nagarkovil

wanni operation 4th Oct 08 video

04th Oct 08

Sri lanka Army Enter to Kokavil general area Video

27th Sep 08

Sri Lanka Army small attack teams attack Muhamale Nagarkovil LTTE FDL

25th Sep 08

21st Sep 08

17th Sep 08

15th Sep 08

13th Sep 08

11th Sep 08

10th Sep 08

6th Sep 08

22th Aug 08

14th Aug 08

29th July 08

25th July 08

21 - 22 July 08

6th July 08

Military Video’s


Mi 24 / 35 Video

Mi 24 / 35 Promotional Video Mil Helicopters

Liberation East Thoppigala

Liberation East

air attacks on 3 ltte targets at poonaryn

Air attacks


Other Video’s

Mano Gameshan with Mangala and Ranil

LTTE Video Footage Reveals the True Face of Mano Ganeshan and TNA MPs

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TerrorStorm (Alex Jones)


Zeitgeist 2- Addendum


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