Where are Human Organisations

Aug 28th, 2011

A battle is raging in Tripoli and a major catastrophe is imminent.The rebels ably supported by the West and NATO have surrounded the city and Gaddafi has vowed to fight until martyrdom with thousands of civilians trapped in the middle.A human disaster is looming with hospitals full of dead and injured and immediate calls for international help have been made for resources and medicine. Rebels have gone on rampage with looting and criminal activities with their tribal differences coming to the fore.The exact number of dead and injured is well underplayed by the well orchestrated western media.However the West continue to arm the rebels with reports that British units are actively engaged with the rebels with the NATO aiming for further air strikes.
However there is surprising (or unsurprising) silence from all the so called international human organisations to halt this deadly attacks immediately.The UN,the British and the US who were hell bent to stop Sri Lankan military advance citing lame reasons are bombarding and attacking towns in Libya with thousands of civilian population at risk of death and disaster.I call upon the President and Defence Secretary to call for an immediate halt to this blood bath from the UN and US and to start immediate negotiations with the Gadaffi regime to prevent this human carnage. In the event there is no heed paid by the so called international peace dealers,the Sri Lanka Government should highlight at the Human rights meeting in September how callously the Libyan destruction was handled by the super powers.



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