Libya: NATO’s worst crime

Feb 14th, 2012

Lies, deceit, blackmail, bullying, murder, torture, concentration camps, destruction of property, looting, massacres… all these words pale into insignificance when we look at what NATO has done in Libya – and intends to do to Syria within a few days. The sickening evidence coming out of Libya underlines what we are dealing with.

It is very difficult to imagine that Messrs. Cameron, Hague, Sarkozy, Juppé, Obama and Hillary Clinton are happy with their legacy in Libya. In fact, what they have done there would lead any normal human being to the depths of desperation; in a professional context, it would involve a dismissal and in a military one, a court martial or a dishonourable discharge.

NATO’s mission in Libya was to impose a no-fly zone to protect innocent civilians. Quite how anyone could have been so naïve as to believe that, after what NATO did in Iraq, defies logic; quite how anyone could have believed them as they promised to fill in the details later, ditto. But the international community once again gave NATO the benefit of the doubt and once again NATO performed on cue: another massacre, another example of arming terrorists, more killings, more violence, more torching of property, more torture, more rapes and another generation of children with their futures dashed to ruins.

Another country bites the dust? If God exists and if Satan does not rule this world already, then Libya can and must be NATO’s last stand; right must defeat wrong; good must triumph over evil; the Demon must be slain and NATO must lose any power it had.

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