LTTE used CS Gas to attack Soldiers

Sep 18th, 2008

[ad#200×200]The Tamil Tigers have used CS gas to attack Sri Lankan soldiers recently in the battlefronts of Wanni region in northern Sri Lanka, the Media Center for National Security said yesterday.

However the battle-hardened Sri Lankan Army is fully equipped and well geared up to face any unacceptable ‘chemical or gas attacks of the enemy,’ MCNS added.

The military said the Tigers, desperate and struggling for survival have resorted to ‘gas attacks’ against security forces and that some soldiers were already affected.

“A few soldiers in the Wanni during their encounters with the enemy in the most recent past developed breathing difficulties following emission of a gas, believed to have been directed by the Tigers towards the advancing troops,” MCNS said. Investigations following the admission of those soldiers to the hospitals have confirmed that the Tigers have used CS gas. CS gas is used as a riot control agent and although non-lethal exposure to CS gas produces severe burning and pain and breathing difficulties.


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