LTTE leader Velupillai Prabhakaran killed – confirmed

May 18th, 2009

Worlds’ deadliest Terrorist Leader Prabhakaran shot dead

Monday 18th May 2009: Tamil Tiger leader Velupillai Prabhakaran was shot dead by Sri Lankan special forces as he tried to stage a dramatic breakout from the army encirclement, a military spokesman said.

Prabhakaran and his top aides came out of their last hiding place in a small convoy of van and an ambulance and tried to drive out of the war zone, but were gunned down, he said. However, the army is withholding an official announcement till a DNA test of the bodies is conducted. The Tiger chief was killed with two others, who are yet to be identified but believed to be his closest associates LTTE intelligence chief Pottu Amman and Sea Tigers’ chief Soosoi.

According to the military, the Tigers tried to evacuate its leaders early this morning in two vehicles. Army special soldiers of 53 Division have intercepted the vehicles moving north and destroyed the convoy after fierce fighting.

The military said it had found 150 bodies of LTTE cadres so far and they are in the process of identifying them. Among the identified were, Charles Anthony, the eldest son of LTTE chief, B. Nadesan, LTTE’s political head, S. Pulidevan , LTTE’s head of peace secretariat, S. Ramesh, A special military leader, Kapil Amman, LTTE’s deputy intelligence leader, Sudarman , the aide to Prabhakarn’s son, Rathnam Master , a Black Tiger leader and Ilango, another senior LTTE leader.

Velupillai Prabhakaran | Prabhakaran Dead | LTTE Chief Prabhakaran Dead | Prabhakaran Killed

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  1. According the Buddhism, no one can escape from karma…This is you called…DITTADHAMMA VEDANIYA KAMMA….
    The present leaders and all the MPs and provincial leaders must keep the victory by developing the country, IF NOT, THAT WILL BE A GREAT INSULT TO THE WAR HEROS…!

  2. Dear Solders..

    Our heartst congradulation….!!!!!!!!!

  3. good work by srilankan army.

  4. good work srilankan army.

  5. The long day dream came at last..
    We salute our heroes..
    Proud to be a Sri Lankan.

  6. We still can’t believe that Sir Prabakaran died, we salute you for the undying fight for tamilians for us, not for 1 or 2 years but for 37 years…..we proud of you. You’re die but not the spirit die, god is there to punish for killing so many people. Srilankan don’t know the value of a soul….where is the human rights for them who suffered there, without knowing why they have been killed. Our hero PRABAKHARAN always ALIVE IN OUR MIND!!!

  7. hey uma … shame on u im sure u r in a forign coun u dnt know any thing about the war … u never know … i have lots of tamil friends but … prabakaran is a killer u should know that …

  8. hai uma…who ar u?i think u r not a human bein.we sham on u as humans.u dont know any thing obout prabakaran.

  9. All fools joined to attack tamil tigers, hes is not a human. he is all all rajapaksha uselesswoman

  10. Prabakaran is only Real hero, Rajapaksha is useless zero. Dont wrist your jest. Rajapaksha compare to woolf.

  11. It is in deed a great victory for all Sri Lankans. Congrats to all those who worked hard for it. Equally bigger task is to ensure rights for all. Hope the government will live up to it and won’t delay a political settlement. Long Live the War Heros.

  12. Well Done Brothers…..!!!

  13. We are free now!!
    This is not a war against Tamil nation. This war only for against Terrorism.
    Sinhalese and Tamils now in a one nation.

    We salute all who soldiers sacrificed they life to our mother land And Mahinda Rajapaksha is our real hero (King)
    Prabahakaran (Woolf) is a useless… leader.

  14. I am not a fan of terrorism, but when a government engages in a massacre of innocent tamils, for decades, and no one to help those poor souls, there has to be someone to stand up and fight. I salute Prabakharan for that and the courage and conviction he displayed.

    If you read the world history, people always fought for their rights…. short term victories wont last long.

    Pirark Inna Murpagal Seyyin Thamak Inna Pirpagal Thane Varum !

  15. Prabhakaran is a real hypocrit. Had he believed in freedom and union of tamil diaspora, he wouldn’t have given his children expensive education, kingly and luxurious lifestyle, whereas sending young children as suicide bombers and making them fight in war. He enjoyed palaces and courtship where as his followers lived a life of misery and terror. He has no ideology, no heart, he is just a tyrant, who wanted to rule as a oppresser as he couldn’t have earned a single peny in democracy. What else could we expect from a local goon or gangster who rose to prominence. He base remains the same, in the dirt.

    Full applause to Sri Lanka, its solidiers and President Rajapakse for eliminating this menace from the soil and taking out the entire political body along with military. There shouldn’t be any more uprising, these people were meant to be crushed.

    These all should have happened long back.

  16. Forget about Prabakaran. Why do the sinhalese entertain killing innocent Tamils for decades? If only the majority can exist in each country, the world will be a different place.

    What Hitler did was utrocious…. what is happening now in this day and information age without any global influence is even worse. War on terror does not mean you kill innocent mothers and children just because they are Tamils. Who ever writes supporting the SLA, see the pictures and the genocide and image your family instead of those poor souls. If you still believe in what you do, no one can help you. Your ignorance, and support for the bad government policies, will be paid back. It may not be in the next few days or years, but I am sure in the generations to come.

    Shame on you all!

  17. Prabhakaran isn’t DEAD!!!! He is in our hearts and he will always remain in our heart. You people don’t have a heart that’s why you people took the many innocents children’s lives away…. You people got no brain and no heart. Just by winning this land isn’t going to make you guys happily. For taking away innocent people’s lives you guys would suffer the pain and that’s for sure. Our Leader has never took any Sinhalese’s children lives why? Becuz he got a heart and if he does the same thing as you guys then there’s no difference between you guys n us.

  18. Calling a nation “Terrorists” if they asks for their due right is not fair at all and even worst killing them if they put up arms. I ask the Srilankan Government why didnt they gave provincial autonomy to the Tamils and why didn’t they handed over the Provincial Government to Prabhakaran ? Prabhakaran may be dead but I dont thinks the souls of the remaining poor tamils is also dead with him. I feel no confusion in saying that after his death many other Prabhakaran’s will be born because his message will not die and lastly I would like to pay salute to the way Tigers fought with the regime backed by all of the world powers yet they fought so bravely ! Bilal Qureshi from Karachi Pakistan

  19. Im just so keen and eager to say that it took 3 decades to kill a single TAMIL leader by the name of Prabhakaran by heavily populated sighalese country where as he managed to kill so many singhalese leaders?!!! which you all singhalese eventually failed to do!!! this never seemed to be a anti terrrorism war but used as a shield to abolish the TAMILS, step into reality please….. we (TAMILS) had so many leaders who had dominated the world… such as the Chola family and so forth…and there will never be a day where the Tamils being demolised.. please see the past, present and predict the future well….. Raja Pakshe or how ever you could spell his name is a groinless man who is so self fish to put in all his relatives in cabinet and and instruct the army to move in to face the dangerous and braveful Tamilians….!! Our Prabhakaran can stand on 1 to 1 with the SLA but can your Singhalese Leader do it? Ha,ha,ha,ha.. he is nothing than just a puppet… and can your SLA defeat our Tamil Tigers without the support of INDIA by itself and China?? it takes to GIANT countries to Face the on land Tamil Tigers? is that what you singhalese call as “clean war”? cowards aren’t the singhalese?

    The Tamils are at large not only in SRI LANKA but all the world my friends… there can never be a day where the Tamils go missing… the fools are just like the Singhalese government who intend to kill all the TAMILS and enjoy the victory which is just as building castle in the air…. take care and good luck Tamils… love you all.

  20. I have been following all the bullshit stories about coward Rajapakse and SLA. There is no concrete evidence saying the greatest leader Maveeran captain Sir Pirabakaran was dead. If yes please answer the followings:-
    1. Why dont SLG publish DNA evidence about his dead,
    2.Why dont SLG issue the dead certificate of him to the useless Indian government,
    3. What about his fingerprints ( remember he was prisoned in india ),
    4. why there must be alot of theories with regards of his dead.
    SLG and SLA were unable to fight against LTTE but you cowards need help from Pakistan, India, China and also Russia. This clearly shows how grate is the sinhalese victory.
    We Tamilians around the globe, would like to challange SLG and SLA to answer the above questions. Otherwise please believe that the captain is still alive.

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